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A constant mentor to both myself and our employees over the years. Thomas has a unique way of cutting through the day to day noise of the business and pin-pointing the exact measures needed to resolve commercial issues. An abundance of business knowledge, years of experience and a endearing personality. Thank you for your continued clarity and on-going support.

Paul PTech. Entrepreneur

Thomas helped us define other channels to market to increase sales and expand our business reach. Thomas came on a referral and has been integral to changing the commercial dynamics of our company for the better. We were able to benefit greatly from his years of experience across varied sectors to improve our proposition to the marketplace.

Joachim D.Fashion Business Owner

Thomas and I have been partners in two business enterprises. Both were pretty successful. He has been a close confidant for almost 20 years. I value his knowledge and advice highly. He has been 100% reliable and has always kept his word and overperformed. He interacts extremely well with people and has a wide experience covering many fields of business. I can confidently recommend him.

Roger Y.Multi-sector Businesses

Thomas has a very entrepreneurial and commercial outlook which allied with his natural sales acumen and commitment enables him to bring transactions to a satisfactory conclusion on numerous occasions.
All the success for your future ventures.

Simon P.Finance

I have known Thomas for many years and during those year we have also become friends, he has acquired an immense amount of business knowledge , he is very versatile and practical in solving problems and any daily issues, gives sound advice and can be an asset to any business in pretty much any field.

Tim W.Propsect 7

Over some 10 years of knowing Thomas he is still very much as enthusiastic as the day we meet, always very keen to help and his input on many occasions and projects has been invaluable. Thomas commands an excellent entrepreneurial attitude and to this day still remains very much a mentor as well as a good Friend. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Willian F.Sales & Training Manager

You may not have realised that you were the one responsible for my jump from the public sector, where I had worked many years as a law consultant, to the private sector where I established myself as a full-time lawyer. Your skills, your help and our projects together pushed my personal and business growth as well as it being a great pleasure to work with you.

Diogo AlvesLawyer